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February 3, 2009

Things I Love Tuesday //

 FEBRUARY! WOW, the magic of 2009 is still here! :) Here are stuff I am heart-ing this week!

♥ I used to bug my brother to help me with the complicated illustrations on origami books. Not anymore, I stumbled upon this site. Aside from the wide array of projects you can choose from, it also ranks the difficulty of each product (ahh, frustration proof!). They don’t just have diagrams (which I can get lost myself in), there’s an animated how-to that I can follow!

♥  AWWWW…or in other words why commercials can earn more than movies. This is the McDonald’s ad, although it’s quite sad that they didn’t end up togehther though. I certainly don’t want to acquaint McDonald’s with my first unrequited love though! And her post about this video rocks!

7 tips for getting into design school?! hmmm, considering it…

♥  Vogue Korea Spreads



♥  I was deeply inspired by Professor Randy Pausch’s lecture, “Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams” (Carnegie Mellon University Podcast). You can view the video on Youtube.

He was struck with pancreatic cancer but there was never any hint of regret or bitterness during his lecture. I couldn’t believe I was watching a dying man. But more than his spirit, his message was really inspiring, and so once I get extra moolah I wanna buy the book, The Last Lecture. After hearing him speak about going for your dreams, making me laugh with his stories and that walls are there for a reason, I have book-lusted again. Once I get my hands on it, I will post my thoughts about the book.

Polyvore rocks…and I like her style!

SMELLING ROSES by meliloto
and just because V-day is around the corner…
KISSES BABY!!! :* by Ela*

12 ways to make 2009 your best year ever – from LifeHack!

see you my pretties! haha…oh, for previous TILT entries click!

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